Maui Course

1 to 3-week courses on Maui: Sustainability is about the food, the Earth, our Spirit, Health, and Happiness. Our course and certificate will further empower you to create wholesome change by opening new doors. Without change now, we further endanger co-habitation of this planet by its creatures…ourselves included.  Film-making for internet application will be a component, to propel the sharing of your Vision. Accommodations are arranged on your behalf.

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Peru Journey

Peru is a place where one can witness and learn from indigenous ways.  In ancient times sustainability was not an option, it was life.  We will travel together from the Andes to the Amazon. Trips are scheduled for winter of 2014 and summer of 2015.

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Reserve your space now!  Choose the Maui Course, Webinar, or Peru Journey.  2014 dates for the course:   3/22-3/29, 6/21-6/28, 8/2-8/9, 8/23-8/30

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Working together with the Wonder and Abundance of Nature...

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