chia2 Sylvia Cenzano – Director at Kolealea, teacher of organic growing and sustainable living. With an Indigenous background and strong connection with Nature, the spirit that heads up the sustainability project on these 9 1/2 acres comes directly from the Heart. An organic vegetable grower for 26 years prior to coming to Maui, shifting to a native and diverse sustainable food source of fruit trees, and hands-on education right on the land. A strong spirit, feeling a universal connection, is at the foundation of life Sustainability.
 kolealea_sml-36 Gerry Ross – For more than 20 years Gerry Ross worked as a Canadian geologist. Then about ten years ago, he changed careers and “reformatted” himself as a Maui farmer. A partner in Kupa’a Farms, he grows vegetables, tropical fruits and award winning coffee on 14 acres in Lower Kula.With the understanding that soil is the heart of any agricultural operation, he has a determination to amend and enrich it, then keeping the soil alive and healthy. His farming principles are “rock solid” and sustainable. He is a consultant on organic agriculture and compost, and holds on-site classes for the University of Hawaii.
Lucienne200X250px Lucienne deNaie is a community activist with an unmatched record of service and environmental advocacy working with big issues of water management, land use and much more. She has been working for the community and the environment since high school, when she convinced school administrators to allow students to create a senior garden where there was once only concrete, then led the building and planting effort.Lucienne de Naie, who calls herself a ‘practical visionary’ has amassed a list of honors and accomplishments far too extensive to detail here. Highlights include her role as honorary mayor of a small town in Southern California, being chosen for a citizens advisory committee updating the County General Plan, official recognition by the governor for her years of stewardship of public lands, and her selection to work on the Hawaiian Tourism Authority’s Strategic plan. She is also the author of a well-regarded 200-page report on Maui’s water sources, is a founding member of Maui Cultural Lands, Inc., a non-profit land trust currently restoring acres of cultural sites in Honokowai Valley and of the Maui Coastal Land Trust. Her integral involvement with Sierra Club has supported environmental public education and proven its effectiveness
Greg_Gardner Greg Gardner – Greg has traveled extensively. He holds a B.A. in Psychology and Biology from Kansas State Teachers College. He wrote and directed the “Solar Energy Education Project” for Pres. Carter’s administration. This earned him a scholarship with Buckminster Fuller. As a direct student of several Native American cultures, he speaks also of Native Sustainability and Strategies.He is passionate about the history of economics and how it applies in current corporate form, and the non-renewable use of energy and its effect on the economy.
 art_bio Art Cover – A free-lance naturalist, ecologist, economic botanist, land-use management specialist and homestead landscaper. An enduring childhood love for nature matured over seventy five years of grass-roots living into the impressions, opinions speculations and conclusions that he offers here as Adaptive Ecology. He believes that sustainable and otherwise harmonious coexistence with nature is both necessary and possible, is an instinctive need in all animals and is the special aptitude, talent and personal ecological responsibility of Homo sapiens. In Adaptive Ecology his focus is, telling city people not, perhaps, what we want to hear, but what we need to know to save the planet from destruction by ourselves.
 robin_knox Robin S. Knox – An eco-pioneering scientist with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Environmental Health. Her 30 years experience in environmental protection has taught her that “pollution” is a resource that is out of place. Her knowledge of the biogeochemical cycles of the earth  helps us to see that the same practices that build living soils and grow healthy plants also  keep sediment and nutrients on the land and out of the water and air, where these materials would pollute and cause imbalances in the natural systems.Teaching how protecting soil quality and preventing erosion not only benefit the land and the farmer, but prevent the degradation of waters.  Also how wastewater can be treated naturally in a low tech way, how treated wastewater can be used for irrigation, toilet flushing etc. and how to get energy from wastewater.
 KBP_9369 Rich Lucas -Rich Lucas wears a lot of hats: sustainability teacher, non-profit planning director; organic farmer; retired attorney; starseed healer.   But one of his passions is sustainable living and food security.  He believes that Maui should be the global model for alternative energy and sustainable living.   The escalating crisis of volatile food prices and food insecurity is the result of a corporate minded model based on large-scale, export-orientated agriculture tied to international competition, self interest and stock market speculation. With people going hungry each day despite a huge surplus of food production, we need to move towards more localized, smaller scale and sustainable agriculture. His goal is to set up food sharing communities around the island where food can be grown in ideal conditions and no one will go hungry.  He would be happy to share his knowledge and philosophy with anyone who is interested.
 BILL GREENLEAF-bio Bill Greenleaf – His first love was golf, which he began at 18 months of age and after college became a PGA Master Professional. Golf is his bridge to early childhood learning which is predominantly right brain. His teaching style connects students to their own pathway of active learning outside of language. Bill found his love for farming when he moved to Maui in 2000. “It turns out that consciousness directed from heartfelt feelings can move mountains…for our purposes, it can also build great gardens”. Bill will help you experience learning outside of language as you learn to grow food.
 KathyMcDuffIao_bio Kathy McDuff – Kathy McDuff  is a Lightworker whose goal is helping all beings to raise their consciousness to the highest level possible.   Her perspective to sustainable living comes more from a spiritual point of view.   As we ascend into the new age that is upon us, we must make a number of changes in order to stay aligned with our dear Mother Earth.   We must return to an alignment with nature, which includes living sustainably and acknowledging that Mother Earth is the source of life, nourishment and learning and provides everything we need to live well.   Every human being is responsible for respecting and living in harmony with Mother Earth.   Kathy’s experience includes Native American shamanic teachings and Universal One truth, and she would like to offer an opportunity for anyone interested to find the truth within that will lead the way to a return to nature where they can find inspiration, guidance and healing for their own sustainable living.
 SpringRenewal2013 sml Jennifer Bonadio – As a Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Jennifer understands that a cornerstone of sustainable culture is a lifestyle that includes sustainable self-care and personal growth practices. She offers her 30 years of experience in the healing arts as a health practitioner and teacher trainer to empower students to build their capacity for mind/body connection and the expression of a balanced, heart-centered life that supports a positive future.
 bill Bill Perkins – As Land Manager at Kolealea Agricultural Center, he works directly with the students and the flow of tasks to show the sustainable approach on this land. Considered “un-farmable” by many, the challenges on this terrain are typical to many other lands, and the most fulfilling endeavor is to show how food can still be grown. Taking pride in the developing young fruit and bamboo orchards, the outdoor classroom is an energetic fun learning.
Jean Louis Carmona bio Jean Louis Carmona is mostly self-taught though he has had some schooling in Forestry and Fisheries. Most of his forest skills are based on the woods of Northern California and his best reference is that he has been living in the woods off the grid for the last twenty years. His vast experience includes:

  • Homestead developing
  • Landscaping
  • Wildfire prevention
  • Brushing and tree trimming
  • Silviculture and forest improvement
  • Tree planting
  • Paths and trails
  • Erosion control
  • Stream restoration and fish habitat improvement
  • Water systems
  • Organic gardening
  • Poison Oak removal
  • Native plants
  • Garden design and installation


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