Come to peek in on the day-to-day life of a civilization still involved with ancient sustainable practices. Preview the steps to be taken and the focus of studies on the Peru Journey, right from our educational center here on Maui. Photos and videos shown are taken first-hand with our intensive sustainability focus, eye-witness accounts and experiences are shared.

Peruvian food will be on the menu, and the indigenous underground cooking, a Pachamanca, will be hosted!  Take part in this ancient method and foods of sustenance from point of heating the rocks to uncovering leaves and burlap sacks releasing delicious-smelling vapor of cooked food.  Take yourself back in time to be a part of this vital village task. A comparative study to the also-ancient Hawaiian luau will be looked at in the interest of seeing common practices amongst ancient cultures to reveal ways in which we really….ARE ONE.

Perhaps this could be your first step to taking the Peru Journey.  Perhaps it will be the Peru Journey for you.  With food, music, dance, instruments, clothing, and a hostess and educator of Peruvian heritage from the high Andes mountains, the experience is not only an authentic journey, it is a journey back in time…

A 7-day and 7-night virtual journey on real-time Hawaiian tropical land: $2299.